Every time I get an idea to light a very small area inside my condominium, I tend to be always on the market for small table lamps. There are two decorative ideas that I currently have in mind. My first idea is to situate a lamp in the small round table near the kitchen counter. Another idea is to place a modern lamp in a glass table near my bath tub. The best thing about having a small table lamp is its measurements. It usually measures about a foot in height and can be very thin, therefore making it good for small corners.


Two Main Purposes Of Small Accent Table Lamps

I often see lamps made of ceramic whenever I visit the department store. Other materials such as antique brass and plastic are also used when creating a small table lamp. Wooden lamps are now becoming popular to consumers like me.

The real story behind my sudden love for store hopping today is to get the perfect small lamp for two specific parts of my newly-renovated pad.


Function1. Highly Advisable For Small Bedside Table Lamps

The first set of furniture that I often look at is small lamps for bedrooms. I love to read, especially when I am about to sleep. I usually finish one to two chapters of a book every night before finally hitting the sack. This is why I want a small table lamp that would fit not only my room’s decors but also the small space near my bed.


Function2. Recommended For A Small Corner In The Condo

The second set of furniture that I glance through is small lamps for living room. I asked the interior designer to endow me with a small place near the balcony where I can relax every night while admiring the city lights. That small corner will be my go-to place when I have to think about something or whenever I need to get some inspiration for my job.


Picking Out The Small Crystal Table Lamps

8110V609SThere are three things that I first consider before I rush out to an appliance store that attracts almost every consumer in the neighborhood each time the owners announce that they are having small table lamps clearance sale.

Factor1. The Room Size

The first thing that I have to keep in mind when buying a small table lamp is the size of the room where it will be placed. The interior designer advised that I should always find a small lamp that will best compliment the room.

Factor2. The Table Size

Another important detail that I have to be meticulous about is the size of the bedside table where the lamp will be resting. I have to make sure that the size of the lamp is proportional to the size of the table.

Factor3. The Presence Other Furniture

The interior designer also recommended that I get a small lamp that will go along with other furniture in the room. Since my bedroom is very colorful, the designer mentioned that I should take home a lamp with a design and color that will blend with the furniture.