Antique table lamps still continue to be a craze even in the modern times. Honestly, I am one of the hundreds of people who are willing to scour the whole world as well as to spend great amount of cash just to have my hand on these luxury items. I don’t know why other people desire such table lamps. But I know I long for an antique table lamp at least once a year for one reason: it is elegant.

My fascination for old items has been developed at a very young age because both my maternal grandmother and my mother are antique lovers. Since I was a little girl, people who come to our house find our collection of antique pieces very pleasing to the eyes.

Models Of Vintage Table Lamps

There are four models of old-fashioned and historic table lamps that I am very well aware of. These models are listed below.

Model1. Victorian Table Lamps

Victorian table lamps were first introduced during the 19th century. The name was obviously based on that specific time, the Victorian era. These lamps are described as decorative because of the floral patterns employed to craft them. My granny told me once that the materials used for the lamp shades are silk and satin.


Model2. Glass Table Lamps

I always find antique glass table lamps very easy to recognize. These lamps were first manufactured in the 20th century. Perceptibly, the material used to produce such type of lamp is glass. According to my mom, the most noticeable feature of this model of table lamp is the presence of multi-colored glass panes.


Model3. Banker’s Table Lamps

Banker’s table lamps can also be referred to as antique crystal table lamps. These lamps accentuate simplicity yet are crafted with very unique styles. I have noticed that there are some banks and libraries that still use this model of table lamps today.


Model4. Astral Table Lamps

Astral table lamps were first employed in the middle of the 19th century. Even though these lamps are also called antique bronze table lamps, there are other materials that have been used to produce such lamps. Some of the commonly-used materials are glass and crystal.


Antique Brass Table Lamps: Real Or Fake?

1359721184-21319200The best lesson concerning antiques that I’ve learned from my mother and my grandmother is how to identify real and fake ones. Whenever I’m checking out antique lamps that are on sale, I always follow these steps to ensure that I will not be deceived.

Step1. Know the History

The first thing that I do before I head out to a store sale or a garage sale is to sit on my sofa and check out books, magazines or the internet to gather more information about my desired antique table lamp for the moment.

Step2. Check Dates

Upon arrival at the location, I browse the items for sale. I usually determine the age of the table lamp that I am interested in. How do I do this? I look at the designer’s name as well as the manufacturing date which can be found at the foot of the lamp.