The best thing about cordless table lamps is the fact that these can be used anywhere at any time. Another thing that I love most about a cordless table lamp is that I can make use of it either in the presence or in the absence of a table. This type of lamp has made my life easier since I can practically bring it in indoor locations such as the kitchen and the bedroom as well as outdoor places such as a camp site or in the garden.


Decorative Cordless Table Lamps Use Battery Packs

Confusion heightened during the first time I heard someone mentioned cordless table lamps UK. The reason was obvious. The type of table lamps that I was most familiar with was powered by electricity. I remember telling my brother that the main culprit of these inventions is modern technology.

With a worried yet amazed expression, my brother basically taught me that these table lamps are battery operated. There are three types of battery packs that can be employed to make a cordless lamp functional. The classifications of battery packs presented below are mainly based on consumer demand.

Battery Pack1. Standard Batteries

These batteries are considered the prime classification because the demand for this type is high. Most people that I know are using a standard battery. There are two reasons why people including me choose to purchase this battery pack. First of all, it is the most inexpensive battery. Second, this battery often lasts for a long time. But I am also well aware that the battery life usually depends on my actual usage.

Battery Pack2. Rechargeable Batteries

These batteries are called the secondary type of battery packs. I realized that a rechargeable battery can also be a good option, especially for me who loves to use a cordless lamp during the night. This is because I can’t sleep with the lights off. A rechargeable battery pack is also affordable although it usually costs more than the standard one.

Battery Pack3. Solar Batteries

From the name itself, the batteries call for the sun’s rays to be functional. Although a solar battery pack is less costly to operate and is good for the environment, I don’t think that it is the best option for my needs. I can enumerate two reasons why. First of all, the battery needs to be exposed to sunlight for hours to charge the battery cells. What if it rains for days? Second, solar battery packs are undeniably expensive.


Making Cordless Table Top Lamps

1303570653-01988300I have a thing for unique items. I have this urge to craft things on my own. With this being said, I asked my brother to teach me how to turn an electric table lamp to a cordless one. This will be very helpful, especially when I don’t have any source of light but an electric lamp while observing the wildlife.  According to my loving brother, I have to gain electrical knowledge to be successful in transforming a table lamp power source. Well, I don’t want to.

In the end, I just opted to purchase battery powered table lamps to make my life simpler.