Bedroom table lamps are bedroom must haves. The interior designer who was tasked to renovate my condominium once told me that the lighting inside my bedroom should be different from the lighting for living room. The difference in lighting needs is based on the activities done in both parts of the house.


Motivations For Unique Crystal Table Lamps For Bedroom

Before the renovation started, the interior designer explained to me why I should purchase specific table lamps bedroom. There are three reasons that were mentioned.

Reason1. Privacy Matters

The first thing mentioned was about my privacy. Since my bedroom is a more private space than the receiving area, I can opt for a more decorative lamp. The fact that I am the only person allowed to enter this particular room gives me the freedom to choose a table lamp that suits my style, especially when it comes to the design and the color that I desire most. No one but me will see my distinctively beautiful table lamp since visitors are not welcome in my bedroom.

Reason2. Be Practical

The interior designer also told me to be more practical. By this, she means that I should get one offering the best benefits. I refer to this as purchasing a table lamp that is useful at all times. Well, I know that my chosen table lamp will be used regularly because of two reasons.

First of all, I wake up really early in the morning to prepare for work. This is not because I have earlier office hours but due to the fact that it takes me hours to get ready for work. It is usually still dark when I start dressing up. A table lamp will be helpful in ensuring that I don’t wear my clothes incorrectly.

Second, I love to read before going to sleep. A table lamp with a bright bulb will surely make my reading experience more comfortable.

Reason3. Main Switch

The interior designer mentioned that I should buy a table lamp because of the differences in the location of switches. I was told that the switch of a normal ceiling light is installed in the wall while the switch of the table lamp can be situated on the side of my bed.

The switch located in my bedside will definitely make my life easier because I don’t need to get up to turn the lights on or off.


Choosing Modern Table Lamps For Bedroom

There are several stores both online and offline that offer table lamps for bedroom at very affordable prices. But for me, I personally prefer to bid at auction sites such as ebay because there are times when the items can be bought at cheaper prices.

There is one factor that I was advised to consider before having sale items online delivered at my front door step.

Tip: Assess The Bedroom

70-2507 mosaic, red, flair table lampThe main factor that my interior designer asked me to consider is the current setting of my bedroom. The designer recommended that I choose a small table lamp’s design that will compliment my entire room. I have to ensure that the table lamp is right for the theme of my pink bedroom.